About Us

Our companies have been in trading for 45 years in the battery industry and during this time we have become experts in this field. Our knowledge of batteries extends to both selecting the right battery for your vehicle, as well as sourcing our batteries from the best suppliers in the world. This ensures that your vehicle will perform at its best and that you can have complete confidence in your car battery.

Because of our experience you can feel assured that the battery we deliver to you will be of the highest quality and will be correct for your vehicle. We will deliver your battery to you with recognised couriers and secure packaging to ensure that it arrives on time and undamaged.

If you want to buy any batteries that are not stocked online or are for any application, vehicle or otherwise, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff will do everything they can to help you find the perfect battery for your purpose at a brilliant price. We stock a huge range including; commercial, leisure, industrial, motorcycle and car batteries.

We currently have a large store in Leeds,UK and many sales vans across the UK and Ireland.