What is a battery’s role in a vehicle?

The main role of a vehicle battery is to produce enough electricity to crank the engine when the vehicle needs to start. In modern vehicles the battery also powers the lights, stereo and other equipment in the vehicle.

What does CCA mean?

CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps. This is a specification used to show a battery’s ability to start a process in cold temperatures. A battery’s CCA number is the number of amps that the battery can deliver at -18°C for 30 seconds. The higher a battery’s CCA rating, the higher the battery’s starting power.

What does Ah mean?

Ah stands for Ampere-Hour. It is a unit that defines the storage capacity of a battery. It is the amount of current a battery can give off over a certain period of time. For example a battery that is 200 Ah can give off a current of 10A over a period of 20 hours.

What can excessive heat do to a battery?

Hot temperatures will deteriorate a battery's life quicker by evaporating the water from the electrolyte, causing corrosion and weakening the positive grids.

When I am replacing my battery or cleaning the terminals, why is it important to remove the ground wire first?

When changing a battery it is important to remove the ground wire first as removing the wrong connector first would create the risk of causing your battery to spark. It some cases this could cause the battery to explode, therefore please consult your car manual before changing the battery.

How do I dispose of a battery?

The best way to safely dispose of your battery is to take it to you local council recycling facility. Please always dispose of your battery responsibly.